The chart below compares Utah's Top 5 flat fee listing brokers. A "flat fee" listing broker is defined as a real estate broker that offers listing services for a flat fee. As you will see, Intermountain Properties provides the very best pricing and very best listing benefits, which includes instant on-line listing submission.
Ari Realty
Apollo Realty
Utah's TOP 5 Flat Fee Brokers
The information displayed on this chart was gathered through an independent survey. Information is deemed accurate as of 06/01/2011.

Comparison Chart

Instant On-Line listing submission

Cancel anytime

Retain your right to sell BY OWNER

Your name & phone number on the MLS
Unlimited MLS Listing modifications
Brokerage YARD SIGN included FREE

Buyer-agent compensation is YOUR choice

On-line forms & disclosures included
Unlimited broker advice

Review offer and closing paperwork

On-line supplies store
Edit your listing through your On-Line account
Pause and re-start your listing anytime

Transaction Fee due at closing
OPEN HOUSE advertising on MLS
Fidelity Utah
Realtor.com & 250+ high traffic sites
12 Photos
35 Photos
12 Photos
25 Photos
35 Photos
Up front listing fee

Listing term
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