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In addition to MLS advertising, your listing is also distributed to a huge number of public search sites like... Realtor.com, UtahRealEstate.com, UtahHomes.com, Homes.com, Yahoo, Google, AOL, Trulia, Zillow, FrontDoor, RealEstate.com, and many other popular sites. Below is an example of one of our listings on the MLS and on MLS affiliate sites.
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The above web sites are independently owned. They download property information from the MLS. Your listing information and photos will appear on these sites and many others in a variety of different formats and may be limited according to the individual site guidelines. Some sites are slow to down load, while others are fast. We have very limited control over these sites and how they display content and layout. We can�t guarantee that your listing information and photos will show up accurately on any of these search sites. However, most sites do perform very well and will display your information and photos accurately.
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