This web site is owned and managed by Intermountain Properties, a Utah-licensed real estate broker. We specialize in providing FLAT FEE MLS listing services. We strive to provide the public with the very best in MLS advertising and marketing products. Our flat fee listing structure is truly the best in the industry, unmatched in price, benefits, and service.
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Lower Listing Fees!
Discount MLS Going Green
We are proud to be a "Green" company. Our company is nearly 90% paperless and most of our employees and agents "compu-commute", which helps protect the environment from harmful greenhouse gases. Our real estate signs are also made of durable recyclable plastic.
We're "GREEN".

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Our typical client is a "For Sale By Owner" who wishes to utilize the Realtor's MLS to gain maximum advertising exposure to both Realtors and independent buyers without paying a listing broker commission and without a "binding" listing contract. Yes, our average customer includes the "every day" homeowner, real estate investors, builders, and everyone else who wishes to sell their property faster and save thousands on broker fees!
Because we are a LOCAL real estate brokerage, not a "referral service", we can offer you a LOWER LISTING FEE. We are a Utah-licensed real estate brokerage and members of the local Utah Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors. We are the ones who will place your property on the MLS.... and provide you with EASY on-line listing management ability.
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