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Utah Flat Fee MLS Listing Service
Intermountain Properties
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Our flat fee listing program allows you to maintain full control and accountability of your listing. It is your responsibility to maintain the accuracy of your listing data, which includes any changes in selling status. You will also handle your own showing arrangements, offer negotiations, escrow, settlement and closing details.
Your listing is submitted to the applicable Realtors MLS system for your area.
Under our flat fee program, you retain your right to sell your home "By Owner". You are not obligated to sell your property through the Realtor's MLS (where you may offer a buyer's agent commission). You may sell your property outside of the MLS system to anyone you like.
In addition to MLS advertising your listing will also be submitted through the Realtor's IDX listing distribution system. Your listing will appear on many additional sites throughout your local area and the world.
You're the contact on the MLS. Your name and number appear on the MLS as the direct contact.
Post your Open House dates and times to the MLS through our service. You conduct your own Open House and experience better exposure through Open House advertising on the MLS. This is a recent feature that most MLS systems are now employing. It is bringing rave reviews and successful results! This service is included at no additional cost. When submitting Open House times, you must allow 3 days advanced notice in order to insure publication on the MLS.
You can add or replace photos as often as you like. Modifications are EASILY accomplished through your on-line account.
You can edit any aspect of your listing data as often as you like. Modifications are accomplished through your on-line account.
Maintain Full Control Of Your Sale
Retain Your Right To Sell By Owner
Listed On The Realtor's MLS
Realtor.com & Internet Syndication To 100+ real estate search sites.
Your Name & Phone Number On The MLS
Open House Advertising On MLS
Edit Any Aspect Of Your Listing Data Anytime 24/7
Add Or Replace Photos Anytime 24/7
You may cancel your MLS listing at anytime and for any reason... no "strings" attached. To exercise your right to cancel, simply log in to your account and select "Change Listing Status". Here you can cancel your listing with a click of your mouse button. Your listing will then be cancelled from our system and removed from the MLS system within 1 business day.
Cancel Your Listing Anytime For Any Reason
As per MLS requirement, the Seller must offer a buyer-broker commission to any agent who brings a ready, willing and able buyer who places an offer that is accepted and closes under the Seller's agreed upon price and terms. The amount of compensation offered to a buyer's agent is completely up to YOU. The typical commission offered across the MLS is 3%. If there is no buyer-broker involved in the sale, the Seller is not be obligated to pay any buyer-broker commission.
Buyer-Agent Commission Offereing Is Your Choice
You may post up to 6 photos with our BASIC listing package (post up to 35 photos with pur PREMIUM package).
Photo Tour
Listing features in this yellow shaded section are inlcuded in both of our BASIC & PREMIUM listing packages.
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The MLS prohibits the use of non-brokerage signs on any listed property. If you want to use a FOR SALE sign on your property, MLS rules require that you use a brokerage sign. We provide a FREE brokerage sign when you choose a Premium MLS listing. Signs are shipped to your doorstep by USPS. Please allow 2 to 3 days for delivery.
You may pause and re-start your MLS listing at anytime and for any reason within your listing period... at no additional charge. This feature does not cancel your listing off of the MLS, but instead places your listing in the "Off Market" category on the MLS. This action removes the listing from "active" status on the MLS and drops the listing from all public access sites.
Upon the Seller's request, a licensed agent will review and provide an opinion of the merits of any purchase offer submitted to the Seller. The agent will also provide instructional assistance on how to accept an offer, and give assistance in developing and communicating a counter-offer as may be necessary. A licensed agent will also review the Seller's closing documents (HUD1) prior to the time of settlement, unless the Seller elects to be independent of such help.
FREE Brokerage Sign
Pause & Restart Your Listing Anytime Within Your Listing Period
Broker Review Of Offers & Closing Paperwork
A licensed agent is available to answer all of your questions Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm.
Unlimited Broker Consultation
 If you prefer to have a VIRTUAL PHOTO/VIDEO TOUR of your property, you can order your custom photo/video tour through a provider of your choice. The tour provider must be approved by your local MLS (verify with the tour provider before you purchase a virtual tour).
Virtual Photo Tour
Submit your OPEN HOUSE dates and times through your on-line account as often as you like.
Advertise Your OPEN HOUSE On The MLS
These additional listing features are inlcuded in our PREMIUM listing package.
35 Photos
You can quickly download the necessary real estate forms and required disclosures right off of this web site FREE. There are no clumsy faxes, emails or CDs to contend with... as with other brokers! Once you are listed, an account will be automatically established so that you can retrieve your forms instantly.
Forms & Disclosures Available On-Line FREE
You may post up to 35 photos on the MLS.