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With this Optional Service, a licensed agent will oversee all aspects of your offer negotiations starting from initial offer presentation all the way through to closing.
Transaction representation includes offer negotiations, communications with the buyer's agent and/or buyer, handle all offer paperwork, set up and oversee escrow, settlement and closing. A flat fee of just $500 will be due and payable to the Company from the Seller's proceeds at closing. ***If your transaction does not close, you owe us nothing.
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Discount MLS - Full Service Option
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Maintain Full Control

Our flat fee MLS listing program allows you to maintain full control and accountability of your listing. It is your responsibility to maintain the accuracy of your listing data, which includes any changes in selling status. You will also handle your own showing arrangements, offer negotiations, escrow, settlement and closing details.


Sell By Owner

Under our flat fee program, you retain your right to sell your home "By Owner". You are not obligated to sell your property through the Realtor's MLS (where you may offer a buyer's agent commission). You have the freedom to sell your home any way you like... and still take advantage of the Realtors MLS system.
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By Owner
 Flat Fee MLS
We've saved our Sellers over $8.1 million
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Buyer Rebate Program
A Better Way To Buy!
Also...after you sell, are you buying a home or building? With this Optional Service, we actually PAY YOU to let us represent you as your buyer's agent.
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