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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Intermountain Properties?
Intermountain Properties lets you list your home on the MLS and other listing sites for a low flat fee. No commission. No hidden fees. No hassle.
What is a Flat Fee MLS Listing?
Instead of providing real estate services for a percentage of your selling price, a real estate brokerage charges a fixed price for specific real estate services. As an example, with our popular & successful FLAT FEE MLS LISTING SERVICE, we provide you with top quality advertising on the Realtor’s MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and complete listing syndication for one low flat fee.
When are commissions due?
As per MLS requirement, the Seller must offer a buyer-broker commission to any agent who brings a ready, willing and able buyer who places an offer that is accepted and closes under the Seller’s agreed upon price and terms. The amount of compensation offered to a buyer’s agent is completely up to YOU.

The typical commission offered across the MLS is 3%. If you were to offer a 3% commission, 2.85% would be paid to the buyer’s agent and 0.15% would be paid to Intermountain Properties as a transaction fee-for a total of 3%. If there is no buyer’s agent involved, the seller would save the 2.85% commission and only pay the 0.15% transaction fee to Intermountain Properties.

What is the MLS?
The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is an Internet database hosting a computerized list of ALL PROPERTIES offered for sale by real estate brokerages in your area. The MLS is exclusive to Realtors. Realtors search the MLS daily to find homes for their buyers, and for most Realtors, it is the only tool they need to find the right home.
Are you a licensed real estate broker?
Yes. This web site is owned and managed by Intermountain Properties, a Utah-licensed real estate brokerage. We specialize in providing home owners with complete MLS advertising services and support. We strive to provide our home-sellers with the VERY BEST in MLS advertising and marketing products. We feel that our Flat Fee MLS listing program is truly the best in the industry, unmatched in price, benefits, and service.
What is Listing Syndication?
In addition to advertising on the Realtor’s MLS, your listing is also distributed to a huge number of public search sites like… Realtor.com, UtahRealEstate.com, UtahHomes.com, Homes.com, Yahoo, Google, AOL, Trulia, FrontDoor, and many other popular sites. Here is a brief list of the most popular sites according to Google analytics.
Who uses your service?
Our typical client is a “For Sale By Owner” who wishes to utilize the Realtor’s MLS to gain maximum advertising exposure to both Realtors and independent buyers without paying a listing broker commission and without a “binding” listing contract. Yes, our average customer includes the “every day” homeowner, real estate investors, builders, and everyone else who wishes to sell their property faster and save thousands on broker fees!
Who's listed as the appointment contact on my listing?
You are listed on the MLS as the direct appointment contact. Most public access sites only allow our brokerage contact information. In such cases, our brokerage captures the call and encourages buyers to view your property. There is no additional cost for this service.
What type of "For Sale" sign should I use?

The MLS prohibits the use of non-brokerage signs on any listed property. If you want to use a FOR SALE sign on your property, MLS rules require that you use a brokerage sign. We provide a FREE brokerage sign when you choose our “Premium” listing package. If you choose our 1-month listing option, you can order a brokerage sign through this web site at a cost of $50. Signs are shipped to your doorstep by USPS. Please allow 2 to 3 days for delivery.

How do I make changes to my listing?
One of the unique features of our flat fee MLS listing service lies in YOUR ability to easily manage your MLS listing online. There are no clumsy faxes or emails to contend with. Simply click on “Manage My Listing” and submit your listing modification. You can change your price, remarks, photos, etc… It’s so EASY, even your great grandma could do it!
Can I cancel my listing?
You may cancel your MLS listing at any time and for any reason… no “strings” attached. To exercise your right to cancel, you can simply click on “Manage My Listing” and cancel your listing. Your listing will then be canceled and removed from the MLS system within one business day.
Do you provide broker support with your Flat Fee MLS Listing program?
Yes. Live broker assistance is available Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm.