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Listing Tips

This page offers helpful guidance and tips on how to prepare and present a QUALITY MLS listing by addressing the following topics:

  • Quality photos are key to a quick sale.
  • How to write compelling, enticing remarks.
  • Providing complete, accurate property information and contact information.

Quality photos are key to a QUICK SALE:

You’ve heard it before, but it still holds true: “A picture says a thousand words.” When a buyer searches for a home on the Internet (MLS), or their realtor looks for a suitable property on behalf of the buyer, they rarely become enthusiastic about any listing that features poor photos. In contrast, top-quality photos can generate emotional buzz and excitement: “Wow, what a cute house, honey, let’s definitely take a look at that one!”

Keep in mind that in today’s information-hungry world, one photo simply isn’t enough. A solitary photo is disappointing or could suggest your property isn’t good enough or attractive enough to warrant more than one flattering photo. To make your MLS listing ad effective you must post at least four photos. Many MLS systems let you post 10 photos or more. But be careful not to post any photos that aren’t 100% flattering. And remember that the main photo is most important because it must catch the eye of the potential buyer.

How to write compelling, enticing remarks:

Second only to photos, your remarks can make or break productive showing activity on your property. Avoid typical phrases like “Close to schools, shopping, and transportation”. Choose only those remarks that describe the property itself. Use words like “spacious”, “wonderful”, “ideal”, “cozy”, “custom”, “executive”, and “unique”. Consider the following example of descriptive remarks:

“Beautiful country home with many custom features and fine finishes throughout. Large chef’s kitchen, Viking appliances, 12′ vaulted ceilings, brilliant oversized windows, spacious master suite with cozy fireplace, two family rooms and a large redwood deck! Located on a peaceful one-acre lot with spectacular mountain views!”

Provide complete and accurate property information:

By following the guidelines set forth in this section, you’ll significantly improve your chances of selling your property faster and for top dollar. Never underestimate the value of complete and accurate property listing information. Wrong or missing information can be a turnoff to buyers and force them to look elsewhere.

Because the MLS search engine is information-specific, certain information can cost you a sale if it’s inaccurate, such as lot size, garage capacity, and square footage. In fact, the No. 1 reason behind real estate law suit filings is inaccuracies in square footage. Typically, the overconfident seller overestimates square footage. You may wish to hire an appraiser to determine accurate square footage along with market value.

Your contact information:

Most MLS systems offer two appointment contact phone numbers. Be sure you have “good” numbers. You should make every attempt to answer your phone in person. If the call is directed to voicemail, be sure you change your “everyday” recorded message to a relevant “real estate” message, such as: “Thank you for calling the Browns. We appreciate your call and will get back to you shortly. If you’re calling about our home for sale, please do leave your name and number and we’ll call you back right away usually within 20 minutes. Thanks.”

You’ll enjoy a much better response with a specific “real estate” message than with a general message.

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