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The following testimonials are REAL. We have compiled actual client remarks sent to us unsolicited by email. These are just a portion of the testimonial emails that we continually receive.

Really Impressive!

Thank you for the call. Your responses have been prompt and insightful. Your personal attention to our needs has really been impressive – especially since we know you are very busy!

We look forward to building a good relationship with your company and have other properties we plan to sell in the very near future – and your website/business seems to meet our needs especially with the level of control we can have over our MLS.

Thank you again and take good care!

Mireille & Lance

Client #3549

Cash offer / No agents.

We produced a sale directly to a buyer (no agents involved at all). Cash – No loans. Sales price was $379,000. Our deal will close on the 14th of this month.

Thanks so much. Will use your web site again in the future.

Anthony & Lisa

Client #2267

Another home SOLD.

We did the deal tonight! Part of the buyer’s offer included reducing the buyer’s agent’s commission from the 2.5% we advertised on the MLS, to 2%. Because of that change, the buyer’s broker asked that we complete the attached Broker’s Compensation Form. They know I have the right to do all negotiations and contracts but the broker said that technically, this form needs to be signed by the actual agency that listed the property, which is you. Can you please sign and get this back to me so I can get it off to escrow?

Thanks for the GREAT service and I’m happy to say I’ll be back with your company for another go in a few weeks as we’re nearing completion of our next home for sale!


Client #3979

Sold in a week!

An offer with the house on the market just one week! You guys rock!


Client #3547

That was simple!

WOW! That was fast and fairly simple. Thanks for the help. My home is now under contract and will close this month. I have marked my home ‘Under Contract’ and I’ll go ahead and change my listing to ‘SOLD’ once my sale closes. Thanks again for the help.


Client #2863

Smooth Transaction.

Today, I closed on my property today. Do I just use the “cancel listing” feature on your site, or is the account automatically closed because I have marked my property SOLD ?

Thanks for a smooth transaction!


Client #3216

Something really fantastic.

I love your “MLS package” and as an inactive agent I know how hard you have worked to put together something really fantastic. After this transaction is complete, you can expect me to be singing your praises–especially with a couple of my investor buddies.


Client #3376


Thank you for your help with this. On a side-note, I want to say that your service has been awesome!


Client #3671

A great way to sell!

Thank you for the amazing amount of work you have done for us in dealing with all of the details of my listing. I will definitely continue to refer you as a great way to sell a home.


Client #4443